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Tripoli HQ Office

Address Info
2 Ceouar Street, Hay Alandalus
Tripoli, Libya

Telephone:+218 21 4771997
FAX:+218 21 4782112
P.O. Box:12588

Dubai Branch

Address Info
Al Maktoum,Deira
Dubai, UAE

Telephone:+971 4 2365542
FAX:+971 4 2395546

Latest News

Libya Oil&Gas Exhibition
April 23-26, 2012
Alpha will be participating in Libya Oil&Gas Exhibition, booth number #245...

LibyaBuild Exhibition
April 28, 2012
Alpha will be participating in LibyaBuild Exhibition, booth number #123...


+218 21 4771997
2 Ceouar Street
Hay Alandalus
Tipoli, Libya
P.O. Box:12588

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