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LENEL Systems


​A wide range of scalable technologies and devices including swipe cards, proximity tokens, PIN entry keypads and sophisticated biometric devices and systems that provide safety, security, and convenience for applications from business and government to residential facilities.



Kidde Fire Systems strives to market a range of products to suit every challenge; Commercial, Industrial and Institutional. Each market segment requires study and careful consideration of unique demands for product performance. Products offered by Alpha include:

Angus Fire


Angus, Part of the Kidde Fire Fighting Organization, is a legend in fire fighting hose technology. Angus' commitment to firefighters is unparalleled. We have been at the forefront of every major advance in fire hose design and construction for over 200 years.

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Libya Oil&Gas Exhibition
April 23-26, 2012
Alpha will be participating in Libya Oil&Gas Exhibition, booth number #245...

LibyaBuild Exhibition
April 28, 2012
Alpha will be participating in LibyaBuild Exhibition, booth number #123...


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